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From The President’s Desk

Michael Terungwa

Environment is the foundation of all lives and human existence. According to Christianity and Islam God created man from the soil a major component of the environment, from it we obtain the food we eat, the shelter we need among other things. All that man needs are in the land, the soil, mineral resources, water etc are found in the land.

Man in his quest to be the master of his environment has been conquering the earth and beating it to death. Our actions have given rise to CLIMATE CHANGE, FLOODING, DESERTIFICATION, SOIL AND WATER POLLUTION AND SOIL EROSION, OIL SPILL, DROUGHT, EARTH QUAKES, YOU NAME THEM! Because of human GREED we more


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How can you offset your carbon footprint?

Climate change is now the most urgent issue that affects us all and will impact seriously on the quality of life of our children and grandchildren, and the environments that they will have to live in. As the world wakes up to climate change threats GIFSEP has adopted the Food and Tress for Africa calculator model.